Saturday, April 30, 2011


a few of you all have asked why i am no longer a as i replied to Becky: i stopped being a vegetarian when i got pregnant with my first child...i had a decent diet but i couldn't keep much down and as i was so young the doctor advised me that i was anemic and putting the baby at risk...and i was craving pepperoni sticks and clam chowder (and mud/dirt) of all i am now an omnivore that leans towards vegetarian food...still more plants than animals on my plate and my kids love their veggies too...they pass up chocolate cake for first hamburger post vegetarian made me so ill that i didn't have another one for 6 months...i also drank milk while being a vegetarian since i love milk...and soy/rice milk was hard to come by back then...still LOVE tofu...especially in enchiladas...but rarely eat peanut butter anymore


  1. I know I need to eat less red meat, but it's too yummy. CHEESEBURGERS!!! Munch, munch, munch.

  2. This is so interesting I had never heard the term Omnivore. I craved fried calamari, just weird, when I was pregnant.

  3. Very interesting info Kari, but I love my chocolate cake!

  4. I was sure I came by here and posted but don't see me anywhere :) So thank you, again, for sharing your vegan stories I've yet to take the plunge back to red meat even though my dr swears that is probably 90% of why I feel miserable (I think they are missing something and looking at that as the easy way out, hee hee) I hear you on the finding a middle ground! x0x0


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