Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award

i received this awesome award from Pam, who's blog Wacky Whippet Stamper is always a pleasure to browse and get inspiration from...Thanks Pam!

so the way this works is after receiving this award i thank and link back to the person wonderful enough to send it to me...then i list 8 facts/statements about myself...finally i pass it on to blogs i've discovered recently...so without further ado...

1- i collect pigs
2- i don't recall my natural hair color
3- my all time favorite stamp set is Stampin' Up's "lovely as a tree"
4- i grew up in a haunted house
5- i am vertically challenged...(and afraid of heights)
6- my dog and cat are both rescue animals
7- i read pretty much anything and everything
8- my first job was delivering newspapers at the age of 5...i'm deadly in a rubber-band war

now to pass it on...a couple of these are baby blogs...i love watching blogs develop...


  1. hahaha.. love that one about I don't know my natural hair color.

  2. Kari,

    Congrats on your blog award! So you can really snap a rubber band ... lol!

  3. You deserve this award! It is fun getting to know some fun facts about our blogging buds. Grew up in a haunted house? Scary!

  4. actually it was kind of nice...the spirit was a guy that looked like my dad...and he was helpful...warnings and comforting...he did funny things too...like pour water on you

  5. Thanks for the award. It was fun to pass it on.


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