Saturday, October 23, 2010


i haven't posted anything in a few days because my "mojo" kicked in big-time this week...and i'm not looking a gift "mojo" in the mouth...finished a couple of swaps and helped my daughters with some designs for their swap cards...we all collaborate...i tell them they're my "guest designers"...they are both very artistic/ my mother and i need to take pics and get them uploaded...probably trickle them out in various posts so i can continue to create while it lasts..have to run to HL today though...need some safe and be well everyone...


  1. Enjoy the mojo while it lasts, and we'll enjoy seeing what you create :-) Have a great Saturday!

  2. How neat that you all craft together and you have your "Guest DT" to help you along! I love crafting with my daughter's :) We put the radio on to a station with some get up and go, I give them images to color or they ink them up and I let them have at it. Here's to your mojo and looking forward to your future creations!

  3. I'm glad your mojo is flowing - can't wait to see what you create. Enjoy the time with your daughters.

  4. Love when those creative juices are flowing. Unfortunately I am blessed with a daughter that could not do anything crafty if I glued her to the table LOL! She would rather play World of Warcraft on the computer!


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