Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cherry on Top Award

Wow...Donna...whose awesome blog Donna's Designs i follow...(follow...NOT stalk)...passed this award to me...and i am tickled pink as the month of October about it...Thanks sooo much Donna!

Once you receive this award you do the following:

thank the person who passed it to you
post it on your blog
share 3 things you like about yourself or that you enjoy doing
pass it on to 5 others

the 3 things i enjoy doing...(other than stamping and blogging): know surfing all the lovely and inspiring blogs out there 
i love looking...even if i don't always comment

reading...everything...especially crime/mystery...paranormal (fiction and "non-fiction")...cookbooks...cartoon books like "the far side" and "calvin and hobbes"

spending time with my husband is my BFF...well one of them anyway...i say one because i'm also very close to both my daughters...and we are friends now that they are both adults and i don't have to be mom so much...

so now to pass this on to:

Rhonda - rhondastamps

difficult to choose just many blogs i love

keep on inspiring

keep on bloggin'



  1. Thank you Kari..this is so kind of you. :) I will get this up soon.

  2. Congrats on getting your award, very deserving!

  3. Kari,

    I'm glad I made your day! Thank you for the lovely comments.


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